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Why PR? Five Reasons to Implement a Strategic Public Relations Campaign

The promotion piece of the marketing mix can be complex, with companies often struggling to pin point which tools to use, where to invest marketing dollars, how much to spend and so on. And, while most businesses have a general knowledge of marketing and public relations (and many excel at it), it’s often hard to determine the optimal amount/ways to…
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Breaking Down PR Return on Investment (ROI)

A brand’s image and reputation greatly relies on local, regional and national buzz–what are people in the community saying about you? Think about this for a moment. What was the last brand–be it clothing, a great restaurant, a new product–that you were interested in and where did that interest stem from? A great restaurant review, a profile on a local company making trendy…
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content marketing

Are You Content with Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing has been buzzed about for years. Business leaders, including savvy marketers and PR practitioners, know that speaking at consumers doesn’t get you nearly as far as engaging with them. But finding the best ways to engage can be a struggle. Enter content marketing. From compelling stories, delivered via releases, bylines, blogs or case studies, to visually-appealing infographics, videos, webinars and live…
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Crowe Pr

The Three-pronged Fork

I recently came across a Forbes article on the future of public relations and it got me thinking more about the state of the industry. Written by Robert Wynne of Wynne Communications, the article covers many of the conversations I’ve had with my peers—the changing media landscape, the role of social and the lovechild of content and marketing. Most notably,…
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Are your pitches newsworthy or snooze-worthy?

When I first moved into public relations from marketing, one of my biggest challenges (opportunities) was thinking like a journalist.This notion resonated everywhere I turned—from PR blogs and the Twittersphere, to media and colleagues. Having no experience as a reporter, nor a journalism degree, I was being asked to identify what made my clients compelling (people, products, services, technology), write…
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