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On this episode of the Get Real podcast, we chat with Oz Krakowski, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and CMO for Israeli startup which uses AI and deep learning to enable content creators to transfer content from one language to another. He talks about how understanding and communicating your value proposition allows you to create stronger bonds with your customers, and how failure ultimately teaches you to be more successful. Connect with Oz on LinkedIn and Clubhouse or go to for more info.

On this episode of the Get Real podcast we chat with Andrea Wilson Woods, author of medical memoir “Better Off Bald” and CEO of cancer patient and caregiver platform Cancer University. Andrea talks about the “blue ocean strategy” and the importance of differentiation, and how marketers need to avoid the trap of competing on price alone. She also recognizes Dana Mantilia, founder of Identity Protection Planning, for her ability to tackle a dry topic and make it very accessible and funny. You can connect with Andrea on LinkedIn or find out more about her mission to change cancer care at and

In this episode of the Get Real podcast, we catch up with Jennifer Garrard, Vice President of Human Resources at consumer electronics company Brother USA in New Jersey. Jennifer emphasizes the idea that candidates are also customers, and that it is the company’s job is to enrich their lives. She also talks about having the courage to trust your employees, be vulnerable, and give honest feedback even if the information isn’t always positive. To connect with Jennifer head over LinkedIn, and to find out more about Brother go to

On this episode of the Get Real podcast we sit down with Chris Nicholson, co-founder and CEO of mPulse Mobile, a conversational AI platform focused on driving engagement across the healthcare ecosystem. Chris tells us why it “never gets old” being a leader in the healthcare industry and expresses his admiration for how the industry rallies together to solve problems. He also touches on being disciplined with internal and external communications, particularly during periods of fear and anxiety, and the timelessness of the “golden rule” For more, connect with Chris on LinkedIn and check out

On this episode of the Get Real Podcast, we chat with Jeff Lopes, host of the Jeff Knows Inc. podcast and author of the new book Entrepreneur Dad: 7 Keys to a Successful Business and a Happy Family Life. Jeff offers his thoughts about establishing core values for your company and being consistent with them, and the importance of being ready to pivot if market conditions change. He stresses the importance of being honest with yourself and being willing to move away from a business concept if it isn’t working, and the value of constant networking. For more you can find Jeff on Instagram at @jefflopes.

On this episode of the Get Real podcast, we catch up with Michael Bush, Managing Partner at natural products consultancy GrowthWays Partners, LLC and CEO of prebiotics company Prenexus Health. He talks about relationship building as a key growth driver for his business, and the importance of getting stakeholder buy-in from all levels of your company. He also stresses the importance of forming a continuity strategy to preserve company culture as part of any exit plan and gives a shout out to Flying Embers CEO Bill Moses. For more, connect with him at

On this episode of the Get Real Podcast, we chat with Kamini Natarajan, VP of Digital Marketing at Topix Brands, a leader in professional & natural consumer skincare with a portfolio of products and brands, including DermaE. Kimini talks about the time and attention spent communicating with employees and customers, and how the more focus and attention we give to employees and customers, the better we can establish clear communication and authentic connections. To hear more from Kamini listen to the full podcast here.

On this episode of the Get Real Podcast, we connect with TJ Rancour, President of Cal-Chip Connected Devices, the leading IOT distributor of tech products globally. He discusses filtering out noise in order to facilitate clear communication, taking the time to actively listen and the significance of listening to understand. TJ also talks discussed ways to establish the right mindset to filter out that noise, how the best leaders are the ones that know how to connect to the right people, and what he admires about his fellow team at Cal-Chip Connected Devices. To hear more from TJ, check out the full podcast here and for more about Cal-Chip visit

On this episode of the Get Real Podcast we welcome Kelly Nagel, President and General Manager of Jabra, a leader in the audio and video industry that helps connect people through the power of sound. Kelly talks about staying connected no matter the challenges. She also touches on establishing clear and clean lines of communication so that authentic connections can be made with customers and employees, and expresses her admiration for Women In Technology (WIT). To hear more from Kelly, check out the full podcast here. To find out more about Jabra visit

On this episode of the Get Real Podcast, we chat with Ali Mostashari, CEO of Life Nome, a B2B precision health company that uses biology and AI to personalize health and wellbeing. Ali discusses the importance of self authenticity, and how critical self awareness is before engaging with others in order to promote trust and success. He also elaborates on passion, posing the question “is our passion actually in the wellbeing of others?” and offers a few shoutouts to some strong female leaders in the tech industry. To hear what Ali has to say, check out the full podcast here. To find out more about LifeNome visit