Get Real Podcast

On this episode of the Get Real podcast we hear from Matt Eurey, Executive Vice President and GM of Accolade, a health and benefits business committed to exceptional employee healthcare and advocacy. Matt addresses how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the healthcare landscape, the importance of maintaining business relevancy and his personalized approach to building authentic customer relationships. This former customer turned EVP highlights his key component to authentic business communication: vulnerability. Connect with Matt and Accolade via LinkedIn and learn more about their efforts to optimize healthcare outcomes for employees at
On this episode of the Get Real podcast we connect with Jason Maaraoui, founder of Vyyer Technologies, a technology company that builds anonymous ID verification solutions for small businesses and enterprises. Jason shares his wisdom about enabling strong, authentic business communication, including offering solutions vs. products, understanding the dreams of your customers and being able to pivot to address your customers’ needs and pain points. He also talks about how company culture drives your business and the importance of being relentless. You can connect with Jason and Vyyer on LinkedIn and learn more about the company at
On this episode of the Get Real podcast we chat with Krishea Holloway, CEO and President of Curves North America, which helps strengthen women’s lives by offering 30-minute full body workouts both in their fitness clubs and at home. Krishea talks about the communication challenges in today’s environment when more and more people don’t want to have live conversations. She also discusses the qualities of successful leaders, the importance of agility, and the significance of small businesses. You can connect with Krishea on LinkedIn and find out more about Curves at
On this episode we speak with Brad Shepherd, managing partner at Sugarhouse Investments which provides investors with passive investment opportunities in quality, commercial multifamily real estate. Brad talks about the push for more real, authentic communication in business, and the importance of asking questions to go beyond the surface and find out what really makes people tick. He reiterates the importance of hustling and gives a shout-out to some of the content creators that inspire him such as Michael Blank. You can find Brad on Twitter at @bradshep or learn more about what he does at
In this episode of the Get Real podcast we catch up with Max Newlon, president of BrainCo USA, a brain-machine interface (BMI) company incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab that develops technology such as FocusCalm, a brain-sensing headband and app that trains your brain for better focus and a calmer mind and BrainRobotics, a prosthetic hand for amputees. Max discusses the importance of listening carefully and understanding both explicit and implicit feedback. He also talks about how context is king, about respecting the present moment before jumping into the next stage, projecting calm and doing fewer things but doing them well. Listen to our conversation and find out more about Max and BrainCo’s products by visiting, and
On this episode of the Get Real podcast we check in with Edo Banach, President and CEO of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, the leading organization representing hospice and palliative care providers. As one who is responsible for fostering authentic connections at the end of life, Ed shares words of wisdom about relating to people as human beings and showing up as your true self. He also discusses the importance of leaders actively enabling employees to bring their true selves to the workplace. To learn more about Edo and his organization, visit
On this episode of the Get Real podcast we chat with Anita Brikman, Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs at the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) as well as the Executive Director of CHPA Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to medicine safety education. A former broadcast journalist, Anita discusses the importance of going beyond mass marketing to understand your audience’s needs and offer personalized, customized solutions. She also talks about unlocking the power of technology – especially video – to solicit feedback from stakeholders. “Breaking through the noise means looking for novel ways to connect on a personal level,” Anita says. She also talks about career transitions and recognizes Etsy’s Vice President of Global Communications and Engagement Marketing Jessica Doyle who also comes from broadcast journalism. To connect with Anita find her on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, and to learn more about the mission of the foundation, visit
On this episode of the Get Real podcast we catch up with Kara Dickerson, vice president of conferences and events for the Consumer Technology Association, North America’s largest technology trade group and the producer of top tech conference CES. Kara’s advice for creating authentic connections? Talk less and listen more. She emphasizes the need to fully understand what people are going through so that you can create deeper connections and align your services to help meet those needs. She also talks about being relatable and being honest when you don’t have all the answers. By sharing what you know and being vulnerable – even if you don’t have all the information – you will inspire your team to help you create solutions and they will in turn be more invested. You can connect with Kara on LinkedIn or check out the CTA website at
On this episode of the Get Real podcast we connect with public health expert Julie Collins who is part of the team leading the CDC’s Office of Smoking and Health communications efforts around quitting smoking. Julie talks about how authentic and connected relationships are built on transparency and trust, and that by practicing empathy and recognizing that we are all experiencing different challenges, we can better meet customers and teammates where they are. She also advises leaders to take care of themselves so they can better take care of others. “Self-care is not selfish!” Connect with Julie at or on Twitter at @CollinsATL.
On this episode of the Get Real podcast we chat with Jonny Price, vice president of fundraising at, an investment crowdfunding platform. He talks about using humor to foster authentic connections and about doubling down on your strengths – whatever those are – to build rapport with customers. He also subscribes to the Peter Drucker philosophy that “what gets measured gets managed.” He advises leaders to look at the data and says that if they report and track the metrics that are most important to them, they will typically move in the right direction. You can connect with Jonny on LinkedIn or check out his company at