What We Do.

The media landscape is rapidly changing. Technology and social platforms have greatly impacted the way consumers & businesses get information — from news, to important company initiatives, products, and services. As competition increases and communication channels continue to blur, public relations has become more critical than ever before. Our job is create brands that matter, help companies grow and position leaders as experts in their industry.

From crafting compelling stories and content, and working closely with journalists, bloggers and social media influencers, to helping establish an organization’s brand voice and showcase their company leadership (and everything in-between), we are experts in the following:

Crafting & Refining the Story. 

The ability to clearly and consistently communicate your brand promise and value proposition (in a compelling way) can make the difference between increasing sales and driving little to no ROI. We uncover the why behind each brand and create a narrative that sets our clients apart from competitionresonates with their customers, helps break through the clutter and gets the attention of stakeholders.  

Expert Positioning. 

Most businesses are looking to gain visibility and build a reputation that spotlights them as leaders/innovators in their space. A strategic and impactful thought leadership platform can exponentially amplify a company’s credibility and visibility. We know how to position our clients and their executive teams as industry experts and go-to sources on topics that are important to their customers and the industry. Our strategic thought leadership campaigns help generate trust for our clients and help gain further visibility to complement the PR program.  

Media Relations. 

Our comprehensive media relations campaigns are designed to align with clients’ business goalsbuild brand awareness and trust and create authentic connections between companies and their customers. Our senior-level team has established relationships with regional, national and trade journalists, producers and bloggers, in addition to  online and print magazines, TV and radio, podcasts and more. We drive regional and national credibility and incorporate high domain authority outlets to increase SEO value and generate sales. 

Influencer Marketing. 

Eight out of 10 consumers today will make a purchase after a relevant influencer’s recommendationHowever, knowing which influencers drive ROI, the makings of a successful campaign and the potential ad spend can be challenging in this complex and dynamic space. Crowe PR’s targeted Social Crowe™ influencer marketing program and trusted influencer community build genuine customer connections and create user generated content that communicates the brand and drives purchase behavior.   

Social & Digital Footprint.

A well-positioned and engaging digital footprint is essential in today’s noisy and highly competitive landscape. When coupled with a strong brand reputation, social media has proven to be a major sales driver for businesses of all sizes and industriesAs reputation experts, our team adds a strategic and creative PR lens on all social media content and activity, ensuring that Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and more generate intended results, including community growth, UGC and more. Our social media program includes visual storytelling, multimedia content, targeted campaigns, hashtag strategies, activations, analytics and all other tools that help drive the business forward 

Crisis Communications. 

It’s true, it can take years to build a reputation and minutes to destroy it. A strong communication plan is critical for mitigating risk and helping businesses survive tough times. Our proprietary crisis communications model addresses challenges of all shapes and sizes, ensuring the executive team and the company is aligned and well-prepared with the right tools and messaging to counter any threats to their reputation.