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Public Relations
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Reputation is at the heart of everything you do. We help you create, manage, and protect it.

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Media Relations
media relations

Cultivated relationships to break through the noise and keep you top of mind.

The Art of Storytelling
Art of story telling

Compelling stories to emotionally connect and engage with target audiences; foster brand loyalty.

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Thought Leadership
thought leadership

Expert positioning program to raise company profile, build trust and further grow brand awareness.



We help new and established brands break through the clutter, emotionally connect with their target audiences and build/maintain an industry leadership position. Our job is to speak in a way that customers can relate to in order to foster brand loyalty and keep our clients top of mind during purchasing and hiring decisions. We accomplish this through a range of public relations services, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. From crafting compelling stories and content, and working closely with…
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Bird's Eye View


Successfully Transitioning from an Intern to a Full-Time PR Professional

My time with Crowe PR began at the very end of January, with an internship that marked the last leg of my college career, and the start to my professional career. Applying for a PR internship was a pivot from my original plan —throughout college, being a journalist was the goal, but after exploring journalism I realized it wasn’t what…
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News & Results

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NY Times, Nov. 21, “Eschewing High-Tech Hotel Amenities in Favor of Old-School Record Players”

Check out why the NY Times is raving about Kimpton's Vinyl...
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BGR, Nov. 19, “The world’s best docking station is finally available for […]”

Food & Wine, Nov. 17, “A California Hotel Is Offering a ‘Snowy’ Upgrade for GoT Fans”

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Crowe Public Relations

Based in Southern California, with a ‘nest’ in New York City, we are an internationally-focused, dynamic public relations agency, specializing in building, managing and protecting reputation and growing brand awareness for our clients. Through a happy union of strategic brand positioning, compelling content, strong media & social influencer relations (and cutting edge tools), we deliver results that truly move the needle and help businesses grow.

Powered by imagination, ingenuity (and a healthy obsession for getting results), we are passionate about helping clients connect and engage with their target customers and build strong leadership positions in their industries. So, whether it’s a promising local startup, a global Fortune 500 company or mid-sized, fast-growing brand, we find ways to tell our clients’ stories in a way that clearly differentiates them from competition, communicates their value and engages customers with their products or services.

Our core customers include technology (B2C and B2B), consumer products (fitness, footwear/apparel, adventure), hospitality and lifestyle brands, and our comprehensive PR portfolio provides all the essential tools to help clients break through the marketplace noise, emotionally connect with potential customers and showcase industry expertise–from implementing proven media relations tools and effective product launches, to utilizing our proprietary Social Crowe™ index to gain traction, securing industry research and planning over-the-top events. In other words, we do things you have or may have not thought of and, we’re proud to say, we do them well. In fact, we like to exceed expectations as we get the word out and help clients grow! Authentically, of course…

Get to know us through our site, social channels or over a cup of fresh-brewed coffee at one of our nests. We love chatting about business, PR, marketing, and all things food, travel and emerging tech! Thanks for your time and #letsdothis.