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Scoring Lessons in Branding from Super Bowl LII Commercials

If you were one of the 111 million people watching the Super Bowl LII on Sunday, you got a glimpse of this year’s best, and worst, commercials. While most provided the necessary amount of entertainment to get through the three-hour sporting event, some taught us lessons about the power of smart and strategic branding. Below, I rounded up the biggest…
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Winning at Client Service

Have you ever worked with an agency you know to be talented and capable of executing great work, but something just isn’t clicking in the chemistry department? When clients bring on a PR agency as a strategic partner, they are committing to a long-term relationship that requires daily collaboration. There must be a level of trust in place for the…
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4 Tips to Pitch Broadcast

4 Tips for Pitching Broadcast

Pitching broadcast is a daunting task for many PR professionals. It’s faster paced than print or digital and getting a hold of a TV News reporter can seem impossible. As a former TV Producer, I remember tossing a majority of press releases and pitches that came my way. Now, on the other side, I find myself thinking back to what…
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3 Reasons to Make Trade Show Attendance Your Brands’ New Year’s Resolution

According to the Statistics Portal, there were 312 trade shows in 2016, garnering $12.8 billion in revenue. These trade shows span across multiple industries and vary in size, showcasing the latest and greatest products and services for the year. As a brand, you may be considering attending a trade show in 2018 but are not sure if the benefits are…
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Successfully Transitioning from an Intern to a Full-Time PR Professional

My time with Crowe PR began at the very end of January, with an internship that marked the last leg of my college career, and the start to my professional career. Applying for a PR internship was a pivot from my original plan —throughout college, being a journalist was the goal, but after exploring journalism I realized it wasn’t what…
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