Why Crowe PR.

Because You Should Partner With Experts

With headquarters in the heart of San Diego and second nest in New York City, we are in daily communications with local, regional, national and trade media and influencers. In fact, we consider them our partners—we equip them with great stories and they come to us for ideas, news and everything that’s relevant to today’s trends, the market, their industry and readers.

What’s the Point if You Don’t See Results?

Our company philosophy is rooted in results and our clients’ bottom lineA strong brand and reputation is essential for the success of any business and our job is to move the dial and get people talking about you. Whether you’re a technology startups, a Fortune 500 consumer products brand or a hospitality brand, we invest time on the front-end to understand your goals and create campaigns around them. Our clients’ success is a direct representation of our success—and we like to win (aka. help you grow your business)

Relationships Rule All

Similar to our results-driven attitude is our passion for collaborating. Our team is made up of talented, passionate and dedicated PR rock stars and we work with clients that fit our culture just as much as we fit theirs. Authenticity and transparency are just some of our core values and we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with our clients and media partners. We like to have fun too and celebrate wins together!

Growing Brands is Our Thing

With experience bringing businesses to a new market and introducing brands, we are extremely familiar with the hurdles it takes to get there—and how to overcome them. We thrive on the ability to create something from the ground up, make an impact and create a sustainable strategy for success—and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of momentum when you get the right message out and people start taking notice (and continue keeping you top of mind!).

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