8 Great Social Media April Fool’s Pranks

April 4, 2023 Crowe PR

While most people don’t like being fooled, this year certain brands really brought the fun with April Fool’s pranks that got the internet talking. Although some brands missed the mark, others hit home with jokes that sent their comment sections on fire – potentially leading to spikes in social media engagement, website traffic, brand reputation and even sales. Who knew cracking a joke could bring real ROI? Us marketers, obviously. 

At Crowe PR, we’re experts at identifying and developing the right messaging and garnering impactful results. See who made our list of the best April Fool’s social media campaigns this year, all of which exemplify consumer listening gone right. 

Rare Beauty’s Jumbo Liquid Blush 

We know our Rare Beauty lovers wish this one was true. Rare Beauty (a makeup brand by Selena Gomez) offers a viral product known as liquid blush that many say is so pigmented, it’ll never run out. The brand ran with this feedback to craft its own joke – a jumbo version that’ll last over seven years. The company shared the news via social media to announce its new “larger-than-life, super jumbo size” Soft Pinch Liquid Blush.  

Tinder’s Now Fish Free 

This one was a real catch. Tinder played along with a running joke about the never-ending “fish pictures” on many male user accounts. Tinder stated that it would be removing all fish photos from member profiles. Tinder even took this a step further, claiming a “Fish-Free” zone. We’re here for self-awareness, Tinder. 

Nutella Tic Tacs 

Nutella-flavored Tic Tacs? Talk about an unexpected duo. To capitalize on the classic mint chocolate flavor that so many consumers love, Tic Tac teased the release of Nutella-flavored mints that left its audience wanting a taste. We’re handing Tic Tac bonus creative points for the actual bite-size Nutella jars in the photo. 

Ugg Triple Platforms 

Can’t say we would be surprised if this one hit the market. With the recent viral Ugg platform trend, it makes sense that Ugg used April Fools’ Day to build upon this. The brand released a graphic with several new boot styles with platform heels. Ugg’s ability to resurface a major fall/winter trend as we enter spring months had our team impressed. Well done, Ugg! 

Ritz With Rizz 

With Rizz… Ritz? Ritz took to social media with a new packaging concept for “Rizz Crackers.” The term “rizz,” which implies charisma, was created by Gen Z and popularized on TikTok. This was a phenomenal play by Ritz as the company associated a trending term with its brand. This April Fool’s joke even got the attention of other brands, including Wheat Thins, Swedish Fish, 7 Eleven and more, who entered the comments section. 

The Hidden Valley Ranch Candle 

Ranch lovers are drooling over this one! Hidden Valley Ranch claimed it was launching a ranch-scented candle that would melt into the classic dipping sauce. The ranch community is known to be passionate, and in our eyes, this was a clever extreme that landed.  

Calm Air 

The Calm App took “white noise” up a level, literally. They introduced Calm Air, a full-service airplane that’s here to reduce flying anxiety and stress with silk smooth pillows and unlimited carry-on luggage at no charge. Calm was able to tap into the airplane industry with this joke and nailed it.  

Mod Pizza’s Pocket Pie Parka 

Why hold your meal when you can wear it? To promote its new Pocket Pizza menu item, Mod Pizza said it launched the Pocket Pie Parka – a jacket that allows wearers to carry and enjoy their Mod on the go. Customers were raving about this, wanting to get their hands on their very own jacket. Sounds like a hit to us!